This will be the 13th year of the trial which started as a crazy idea in 2006, not quite 2 years after I started running my first Border Collie Riel in sheepdog trials.

The judge is T.B.D.


The plan is to run 3 Open trials, 2 ProNovice, 2 Nursery, and 2 Novice/Ranch classes. This is subject to entries of course and the following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice to accomodate changes in entries. Tentantive schedule is as follows

Friday Oct 5th, 7:00AM Open 1, followed by Nursery 1 and PN 1

Saturday October 6th 7:00AM , Nursery 2, ProNovice 2, Open 2

Sunday October 7th, 7:30AM, Novice/Ranch 1, Novice/Ranch 2, Open 3

Novice and Ranch differ in that Ranch is essentially a small ProNovice course with a shorter outrun and drive for handlers who are thinking of making the movice from Novice to ProNovice. It has a full drive (but 50 yards or less per leg) and the handler remains at the post. Novice has a wear instead of a drive.